Hyper Pearl Compact Mirror Charger Review

It’s been a long time since Samsung has come up with a Gaming laptop, this time it breaks all odds to bring a gaming laptop with the rich features and this time it is the Samsung Odyssey Z, A laptop specifically for the gamers who prefer high-end rendering out of the Top-notch Graphic card. Thanks to the Z Aeroflow cooling system that cools down the laptop with a Z Blade Blower.

This laptop boasts a 15.6-inch 1080p screen along with an i7 6-core processor and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Max-P GPU which is considerably 10x faster than a 1060 Max-Q. The laptop can come chipped with a 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, and up to 1TB NVMe ROM, the GPU is apparently 6 GB of GDDR5 memory.

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